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Triptych: poems

Author: Yota Krili
Title: Triptych: poems (collected)
Introduction in English by Helen Nickas
Bilingual edition (Greek-English)
pp 162 ISBN 0 9586390 7 8
Date of publication: 2003

Triptych, by the bilingual poet Yota Krili, includes three collections of poems, which were written over a period of several decades. They tell the story of the (immigrant) woman and her life’s journey in three parts: Patchwork is a group of poems, as fragments, reflecting the rich diversity of life; Memories vividly evokes people and events of a past in Greece and Laya is a poetic exploration of the migrant experience.

Yota Krili migrated to Australia in 1959. Completed high school studies at East Sydney Evening College and graduated from the University of Sydney with an Arts degree and a diploma in Education. Her poems have been anthologised in Beyond the Echo, Re-telling the Tale, Allochthona Topia and others.