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Thealle: four narrative poems

Author: Hermione Vassiliou
Title: Thealle [Η Θέαλλη]: four narrative poems
Language: Greek
ISBN 0 646 13291 1
Pages: 64, price: $15
Place of publication: Melbourne
Date of publication: 1993

This book contains four narrative poems which through highly complex intellectual and symbolic means, tell the story of migration from a new perspective. The image manifested is of a migrant woman who is turning migration on its head and creates a positive vision for the future. The poetic persona is asking for the creation of new myths, not the static preservation of the old. The book's messages are intellectually challenging, jolting us into a new realisation of who we are and what our place is, not only in this society, but in the world.

About the author:
Hermione (Erma) Vassiliou was born in Limassol, Cyprus. She lived with her family in Zaire (previously Belgian Congo), studied in Athens and lived in Cyprus and England before migrating to Melbourne in 1987. She is fluent in many languages and after completing a Translating and Interpreting Course at Deakin University, she is now continuing for her Master in Linguistics at la Trobe University.