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Allochthona Topia: Greek-language poetry from Australia and Canada

Editors: Eleni Nika / Stephanos Konstantinides (eds)
Title: Allochthona Topia: Greek-language poetry from Australia and Canada
(with an introduction by the editors)
(anthology, in Greek)
182 pp ISBN 0 9586390 0 0
Date of publication: 1998

A Greek-language publication

In this anthology the editors have selected for inclusion nineteen Greek-language poets from Australia and Canada, who best document, in literary terms, the migrant experience of the latter half of the twentieth century in their respective countries of settlement. These poets have established a strong literary presence through their distinctive styles or perspectives and have helped invigorate the use of the Greek language outside the geographical borders of Greece. The poets from Australia include Vasso Kalamaras, Dina Amanatides, Dimitris Tsaloumas, Yota Krili, Stylianos Harkianakis, Erma Vassiliou and from Canada, Yiorgos Thaniel, Vissarion Hatzidavid, Christos Ziatas, Stephanos Konstantinides and Thalia Tassou.

Helen Nickas is editor and publisher of the series Writing the Greek Diaspora. She has anthologised many works by Greek-Australian writers.

Stephanos Konstantinides was born in Cyprus and studied literature in Athens and political science and sociology in Paris. He is the director of the Centre of Hellenic Studies and Research and editor of the Montreal journal Etudes helleniques/Hellenic Studies. He has published many poetry collections, short stories and literary criticism.